20 janvier 2015 Amanda Biggs

Mon premier article sur LinkedIn Pulse [EN]

Découvrez mon premier article publié en anglais sur LinkedIn Pulse, l’agrégateur de contenus du réseau professionnel.

Cet article concerne l’organisation des réunions de gouvernance et des conseils pour rendre ces réunions plus efficaces et productives.

Effective Governance Meetings

Board meetings, C-suite meetings, project meetings, sales meetings… one-time, recurring or emergency meetings; to inform, solve problems or make decisions; millions of meetings take place every day all around the world…

These meetings are necessary to take good decisions, share expertise or perspectives on complex issues but most of us will agree that they are often overused and take too long while accomplishing too little.

To maximize their productivity, meetings must be structured, well planned and run. Nowadays, meetings can be enhanced with web-based business collaboration tools which will get you to “paperless” meetings. Below are some tips to run successful board meetings and make the most of the tech tools out there.

  1. Organizing the meeting: no surprises
  2. Access meeting materials: availability and confidentiality
  3. Conducting the meeting: stay on track
  4. Meeting minutes: fast follow up

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